Wednesday, April 30, 2014

market boy


When I decided to make my own blog I wanted to do something fresh, fun and something I enjoy doing which is envisioning myself as my own Grace Coddington. So expect to see a lot of editorial posts in the future. 

Believe in your imagination, it will reflect on your photographs.
It's not all about getting the perfect photo or capturing a great pose It's all about telling a story
Talk to you soon thefashionloner

shirt and shorts COS, Biker Jacket Sandro, Dr. Martens boots
Sandro sunnies

 photos by Marinella D.


  1. Man I really envy your legs! You look so good on shorts
    Your blog is awesome and I'm looking foward to your future posts :)

    1. Hey Izael ! Im glad you like my blog :) much appreciated and thank you !

      ps: I don't skip leg day ;)